Energy Clearing Bath Salts

Aura Clearing Bath Salts

This powerful blend was channeled by Kendra after a particularly nasty psychic attack on her third eye a few years ago.  It is not just a bath, it’s a powerful ritual, prayer and invocation for clearing and strengthening your aura.   Essentially, it’s an aura clearing session in a bottle.

Kendra makes each and every jar separately and holds intention and blessings specifically for the person who will use it.  She calls upon Archangel Michael to remove attachments and negative energy and to strengthen and protect the aura.  As a Reiki Master, she calls upon her lineage of masters to infuse each jar with Reiki healing energy for you and your aura. 

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Lavender, Sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary, Frankincense, Bergamot, Geranium, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood

Directions:   If your bag contains a crystal, you may use it in your bath, just be sure the remove it before pulling the drain plug!  Scoop one cup of salts into warm bath.  Enter bath (always test temperature first!)   Begin invocation (below).  Be sure to cover all exposed skin at least once by using your cupped hands or a washcloth.  Do not get in open eyes.  Use your intuition to know when the clearing is complete.  If necessary, drain a little water out of the tub and add more warm water to bath longer.   This is a time for prayer and reflection, not Netflix or novels.

You may use any blessing or prayer of your choosing, but I highly encourage you use the Archangel prayer from Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones (see below).   When Kendra channeled this recipe to remove her own attachment, she used Adele’s prayer.   It is an incredibly POWERFUL prayer and Kendra feels no reason to mess with perfection by changing it!

Archangel Michael  Cleansing Prayer

These prayers were channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones.  I use these prayers on a regular basis for clearing my home and my body (they are super easy to do while in the shower). 

How I use Adele’s prayers in conjunction with the Aura Clearing Bath Salts:
  1) In place of saying “my home”,  say “my body”.
  2) When asking for the things you want to clear, be sure to ask for removal of all cords and attachments in addition to the items she has listed as examples.
  3)  When using the last one and speaking about windows and doors - think of this in reference to your aura.  Envision them guarding your aura and your person.

To see Adele’s original prayer page with explanations visit THIS PAGE.   I do not make any money off of this, nor does she as she offers them freely to you.  She asks only that we do not share them without giving Adele the proper credit and adhering to the copyright notice on her page. 

Archangel Michael Please

Archangel Michael I ask you to please go through my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room.

And Clear all Earth bound negative entities, All negative entities, All Earth bound entities. All negativity, All fear, evil and harm, All depression, anger, sadness, harm, anxieties, jealousy’s etc… (you can say anything here that comes into your mind) And sweep it all up into the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Thank You dear Archangel Michael, Amen


Dear Mother Father God

Dear Mother Father God, please send your loving Angels 100 million strong into my home from top to bottom, inside and out, every nook & cranny, every space and every room that Michael has just cleared.

To fill it with their loving presence as they illuminate your light and radiate your love as they sing your praise and glory. May your Angels work with me in all things for my highest and best. May they protect me, love me, guide me and hear me as they work with me.

Thank you Mother Father God, Amen


Dear Archangel Michael

Dear Archangel Michael, I ask you for your assistance again now please.  I ask you Michael to please with your League of Angels, your Band of Mercy to surround my home from top to bottom inside and out as you place your Angelic Warrior Guards at every window, doorway and entryway so that nothing and no-one may enter except those through the Light of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Dear Michael, Amen

Grounding Foot Bath Salts

When a client gets off my table after their first session, I give them a little heads up that their feet will feel different.  They will feel heavy, like they are stomping when they walk.  We call it “elephant feet”.  It’s the sensation of being deeply grounded and connected to the earth.  I ask them to remember that feeling, and strive for that every day especially after meditation.  Any spiritual teacher, myself included, will tell you that if you really want to open your higher chakras, your third eye and have experiences such as astral travel or communication with spirit - you must first be deeply, deeply grounded.  When your tether to earth is strong, your body and mind feel safe to fly higher and higher.  Also, remember that as fun as it is to spend time with spirit, we must be in our bodies to heal physically.  To heal, it is important to maintain our groundedness.

My grounding foot bath salts are meant to duplicate the effects seen by my clients after their session.  Each bag is created individually, not in bulk, with intentions for the recipient.  I invite the goddess energy of mother earth to bless each batch, and I infuse each one with Reiki master energy. 

These salts are intended for foot bath only, not for the entire body. 

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Lavender, Cedarwood, Clove, Cinnamon, Cypress, Sage, Copiaba, Pine, Rosemary, Geranium,  Roman Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Helichrysum


If your bag contains a crystal, you may use it in your foot bath - just be sure to remove it before you empty the water.  Fill foot bath (a large bowl or Tupperware container works as long as you can fit both feet in it) with warm water.  Add 1/2 cup of salts into foot bath.  Soak feet for as long as feels good and complete the meditation below:


Imagine or actually feel the pain, stress and heaviness leaving your body through your feet.  Start at your head and slowly imagine each body part releasing excess energy, worries, fear, negativity… anything that no longer serves you.  Your head, your eyes, nose, mouth, all the way down each body part and out the bottom of your feet into the healing water.  

Pick your feet up one by one and massage them – really dig deep.  Notice where it hurts…be gentle, but give those painful areas extra attention.  Massaging opens up your feet for the energy to flow freely off of them and into the water.  It also allows for your body to soak up the energy of the earth. 

Pray to whatever deity you desire, asking them to ground you deeply to mother earth and connect you to the heavens, removing any blockages.   Imagine the energy moving through your feet to your head and up to the heavens, and from the heavens down through your head, your body and out through your feet.  You are a clear channel.